Conroy Trap Life

Once the Trap is closed it keeps out harmful insects,

snakes and any other type of poisonous animals










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  • Dramatically extends the life of your trap

  • Less time spent repairing, servicing and maintaining the trap

  • The house is made from 5mm high-grade polymer

  • This is pellet-proof and completely weather-proof

  • The TrapLife Box can be moved using a forklift or it can be fitted with wheels

  • The TrapLife Box is fitted with a lock
    to keep your contents secure

  • The battery can also be stored in the TrapLife Box protecting the battery from the elements

  • As an optional recommended extra, a Solar Panel and charging regulator can be fitted to the box. This will trickle charge the battery. The battery will always remain charged. This will increase the battery life up to 5 years saving you time & money

  • When the trap is in use the top of the TrapLife Box only needs to be partly open.
    This will give protection from the weather
    and also provide protection from breaking clays

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